Monday, July 4, 2011

A Kiss from the Captain -- and a Few Images from July 3

Things in the Rizal Memorial Media Room didn't turn out frenzied or uncomfortably congested as I had predicted in my previous blog entry  --  It was relatively comfortable -- but it was the weather that turned out to be the party spoiler on the Azkals-Brave Reds match on July 3.  As if ON CUE, once the match got underway - it rained - not only that - it poured !  Luckily, I was prepared, having invested in a "pro rainsleeve" for my DSLR.  I had used that rainsleeve last May, in a rain-drenched soccer match - the result -- No Problemo.  Was pretty much soaked but my DSLR remained dry.  The ONLY thing that got wet was the exterior of the lens hood. From the hood screw backwards everything was secured, AIR-TIGHT and  DRY

This time, it rained so hard, that even with a hood on my tele, the lens filter was smudged with water droplets -- of course one never points his camera up when it's raining -- my viewfinder too was constantly wet, not to mention my glasses [which I had to keep on wiping] -- but, well, all that was just part of the "fun" that afternoon. My backpack was so soaked but fortunately it wasn't enough for my other DSLR and laptop to get wet.

Photos that could have been so many times sharper, if not for the rain, turned out hazy. Fortunately, by the 2nd Half the sky had cleared.  Photogs without camera waterproofing were good again to go [I heard of 2 photographers whose cameras simply stopped functioning, after getting their equipment wet.   Lottsa Guts but No Glory]  

Had more "normal", decent action pics by the 2nd half.  Despite the hassle of shooting under a strong downpour - at least now I know that my rainsleeve is not enough to protect my DSLR in a real downpour [improv has to be made].  If I'm a smarter, better photog, after July 3, even just a wee bit, I'm happy with that.

Here are some random favorites from the Win.

The Captain sends a Kiss to his Lovey Dovey just after the Triumph.

Three Stars & the Son


Drenched to the Bone

Angel Sidesteps

Aly Attemps

There'll be a few more postings of random pics from July 3 soon.

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