Monday, July 18, 2011

Angry Birds [Part 2] The Phenom Strikes

July 16, Saturday

As they say in the vernacular "Mayroong K".  And Ateneo's Big "K" [Kiefer Ravena], more popularly called,The Phenom, jumpstarted Ateneo's offense with 3 consecutive baskets prompting Pumaren to press the panic button to call a time-out.  Black's boys, just kept the pressure on the LaSallians as they continued to dominate the Archers on the way to a 41-30 halftime lead.  The stunned young men from Taft could only manage 20.5% from the field while the Loyola boys  had a decent 47.7% clip in the first 20 minutes.  The phenomenal fact of the matter was that Ravena had accumulated 22 points in 15 minutes.  Ravena managed only 2 points in the 2nd Half, but the Championship savy of Salva, Monfort, and Long kept the Archers playing catch up basketball all game long.
[Pun intended]

The Phenom on the fastbreak.

The Ateneans showed Championship Spunk throughout the game.
In this attempt Atkins managed to push Long as he elevated, forcing Kirk to literally fall backwards and land on his butt, while complaining to the ref.
Kirk's shot went in none the less.

Of course, DLSU's work was cut out for them.
 Another BIG concern was Greg Slaughter.

LA Revilla, not surprisingly, topscored again for the Green and White.
He had 22 points, hitting 62.5% from the field [2-pt. FGoals] and hitting 1 out of 2  3-pt. FGoal attempts.  Both Revilla and Atkins fouled out in the
 4th Quarter when La Salle made a run, albeit,unsuccessful.

Quami "Magic" Tiongson.
 Soaring for two against two helpless Archers.

Twistin' and Turnin'.
Kirk Long vs Simon Atkins.

 Nico Salva. [1st Half action]
When DLS cut ADM's once formidable 19 pt. lead down to 8 during the 4th Qtr.
Salva connected on a clutch three from 9 o'clock.
'Twas probably the most decisve trey of that afternoon.
Ateneo held on to win by 9.

If La Salle's Little Big Man is Revilla, Ateneo's Little Big Man
is hands down --> Eman Monfort.
Monfort scored only 1 field goal on a gutsy drive [above] but
calmly sank 8 out of 8 charities in the end game to neutralize the
 de La Salle 4th Qtr run.

Some notable stats:
                                  ADMU                         DLSU
FGoal %                  28/62 = 45.2%           23/72 = 31.9%
Rebounds                        45                            39
FThrow %                23/30 = 76.7%           22/31 = 715
Fbreak Pts.                      15                             6

Quarter scoring:
                            1st     2nd     3rd     4th
ADM                       23      18      21      19   =81
DLS                        16      14      19      23   =72

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