Monday, July 18, 2011

Angry Birds [Part 1] Tamaraws for Lunch

July 16, Saturday

After the Adu-FEU match last Saturday, [around 1 p.m. or so] I was fortunate enough to have joined Leo Austria and his boys at the dugout.  Everybody was all smiles.  Austria couldn't have been more pleased. Mission accomplished.

Atop a monobloc table were 15 or so white styro packs, and each one had a banana on top.  Recovery meal, merienda, whatever, it didn't really matter what it was -- the Falcons were exhausted, obviously, but they were still pretty full -- they just had Tamaraws for lunch. [Final score 78-59]

First Half action.
Falcon D !

Early minutes -- No stopping Nuyles.
Alex topscored with 22 pts. in 28 minutes playing time.
He made 7 of 16  two pt. field goal attempts.

Futile FEU defense.
Nuyles was a man obsessed and possessed.

 In the rebound department it was
TOTAL Domination by the Falcons.

High Fiving Fighting Falcons

Some notable stats:
                                  ADu                          FEU
FGoal %                 32/71 = 45%              17/42 = 37%
Rebounds                       45                             32
FThrows                 12/20 = 60%              13/17 = 76%
TO Pts.                          20                              4
2ndChance Pts.               18                              2     
Quarter Scoring:
                         1st     2nd     3rd     4th
ADu                        25      17       14      22     =78
FEU                    16      18       15      10     =59

When Adamson led by as much as 19 in the 2nd Half, everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before FEU would mount a comeback.  And as expected, they did - cutting the Falcons' lead down to 4.  But it was the Day of the Falcon last Saturday.  Leo's boys responded impressively as they countered with a run, that brought them 20 or so points ahead, that silenced the FEU Faithful with finality.

At one point, in the 4th,  "Air" Canada engineered 2 back-to-back aley-oops to Colina and/or Lozada [I forget] that wowed the Coliseum crowd.  [Jerick had a total of 5 assists]

And Coach Leo, when asked, post game, what Adamson still lacks - He replied
--- "A Championship".  Well done, Well said, Coach.

brosi gonzales