Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Among Other Things

Stuff [Hobbies] [which I did very, very well]
 I Miss Doing [due to other priorities]

[All photos in this post are JPEGs from scanned old analogue prints]

Am a sucker for Static Scale Modeling.

- An A-10 Warthog [in 1/48 scale], a favorite of mine -
I liked [it's such a cool combat aircraft] it so much that I ended up 
purchasing 5 kits, and applied different camouflage finishes for each kit.

The Benz below is one of the only car [by Tamiya] kit I made.
[I sold it to my gay cousin, who gave it as a gift to his boyfriend.]

My robust armor collection are all in 1/35 scale. 
Below is an American WWII half-track w/ anti-aircraft guns.

Below is a 1/48 scale F-22 Raptor by Italeri.

My displayed kits are all gathering dust,
 in the Bulacan house where I grew up in.
Below are some 8-wheeled vehicles.

Below are few Tamiya Snap-on Battery-powered
 toys which I airbrushed w/ different colors.

It's a hobby I used to take very, very seriously [Used to spend on all the latest airbrushes, compressors, professional hobby tools -> custom tweezers, special hand brushes, putty, Gunze paints, special fixatives and the like etc. etc ]and, if I might add - I became pretty good at it.

I love German WWII combat vehicles - soft skinned armor [as in half-tracks],
and heavy armor [Tiger Tanks, Panthers, and the like - Real Bad Ass Dude!!!].
Above is a Tiger I.

Nowadays, it's just too time consuming for my comfort. Just too busy now. Did purchase, last year, 1/32 scale Vietnam-Era Phantom [long-nose] by Tamiya, from Lil's Hobby Shop at Mega Mall.  When will I assemble it ? Can't say at this point.

The photo below is that of partly finished military scale models,
[all 1/48 scale aircraft] still hanging on my old bedroom wall.

A few finished combat aircraft are properly displayed [and also gathering dust] in the den [that's pastel portrait of my mom on the background].

- An American WWII P-38 Lightning [the night fighter version] -

 - - -

BTW, I taught myself how to play the violin - years ago - and become good enough [after a couple of years of practice] to widow tunes. [Had a chubby girlfriend once {Cecile N.}, who I freguently played for] [That was memorable.]

- Beside Jay Cayuca - 
Pic was taken in a glossy mag's [where I used to work] studio.

Violin ->now long gone - Unfortunately, it was stolen -
Chubby girlfriend ->now long gone too - No, she wasn't stolen.
But my heart was - Yuk - Sobrang Cheesy !!

brosi gonzales

Now, back to the my sports feats -

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