Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend # 3 - Sunday Part 2

January 22, Sunday
Ateneo Campus

UAAP Men's Football Tournament
1st Round

Tigers Ground Eagles

Tigers' First Goal

Tigers' Second Goal

[UST-2    ADM-0]
- Whooping It Up -

- Randomly arranged game photos -

- Anatomy of a close call -
[5-frame sequence]

Try mightily as he does, rookie Mikko Mabanag,
[below, in white] is not able to penetrate the Tiger's D.
[next 6 images]

Mabanag vs Batisla-Ong

The Eagles, since last Season 73 to this point, although they've had draws
- have yet to win a match.

It begs the question -
When will the Blue Booters finally take flight and Win ?

brosi gonzales

UAAP Women's Football Tournament
1st Round

Lady Archers and Lady Maroons Draw

- Early Goings -

Archer Keeper Haya Ibarra beats UP Team Captain, Kayla Dimatulac to the ball.
[4-frame sequence below]

- Graceful as a Gazelle -
Lady Archer Tricia Espino

Miel Ampil [#3] is a step ahead of Cristina de los Reyes.

- A close shave for the Lady Maroons -
[3-frame sequence below]

Formoso [left] vs Dimatulac

Espino [#18] vs de los Reyes [#6]

Dimatulac [#10] vs Espino

UP rookie Cristina de los reyes [#6] goes head to head
against veterans Tasha Alquiros [#17]

 and Sam Nierras [#7].

Pia Bravo [#12] streches

to try to gain control of the ball.

- Girl-on-girl action -
[of the football variety, that is]

- UP Kontra La Salle -
- Patas ! -

brosi gonzales

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