Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend # 3 - Friday

Remembering A Press Press Con for Different Reasons

Last Jan.20, Friday, at the Discovery Suites in Pasig City, I attended a Press Brief for the Korean Team vs Phil Azklals friendly slated for the next day, Jan.21.  It was work for me - taking photos for press/blog release [for my boss that is].  Simple/decent/"usable" photos of the personalities involved are usually enough.  But when I came and met with Mr. Rick Olivares' journ students from the Ateneo at the brief [they were there to get some hands on experience] I knew that I would remember the press brief for different reasons other than that of the presence of the Korean Team and/or members of Team Azkals. [No offense meant here]

Am quite acquianted with Paolo, Anna, Meg, Lou, Arlette, Gia, Kiko  [All students of Mr. O]. Since way back 1st Sem last year, I've sat in several times, to listen to resource speakers like Chiqui Roa Puno, James Velasquez, a professional chef [I forget his name], TJ Manotoc, Ernie Sarmiento  share their experiences with the class and I actually was a resource speaker myself {twice around} in Rick's class.

Taking a few snaps of the kids was just plain fun for me [the most interesting pictures being that of Gia Jamias with Dennis Wolf and Rob Gier - because I just tripped on teasing Gia being with the 2 jocks - teasing her saying " You and I sitting on a tree - K I _ _ _ _ _ _ ! [wWe all know that Cornettos TV commercial, don't we?] as I was taking photos of her with George and Rob.
Wala lang - I even posted an entry a few weeks back, particularly with 2 photos of Gia and captioned with the above hinted lyrics in particular [albeit altered].

'Twas a light day for me  - not having to shoot any PBA , D-League or UFL or UAAP match [I need a break every now and then] - that Friday.  Of course I executed the cursory press brief photos which were downloaded right after lunch, but as far as this blog is concerned it's the coeds' photos, that I enjoyed taking, which I'd rather post.

 Kiko and Gia  [take three]

 Mr. Rick Olivares briefs his journ students. [take four]

Paolo and his "PA"  [take two]

 Gia and Dennis

 Rick and Dennis

 Gia and Rob

 That's Gia on the left, Lou [holding the ID], Rick [w the trophy], 
Paolo [in pink], Meg and Anna on the cubicle behind [upper left], 
Arlette in the middle [behind], and Kiko [in black, standing].

 Take three, for good measure.

brosi gonzales

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