Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Feeling Senti

-An Ancient Chinese Poem from a Biography of BRUCE LEE-
Yes, the Late Bruce Lee [Martial Arts Icon] 

Years ago, a cousin of mine lent me an old, old pocketbook authored by Linda Lee, Bruce Lee's widowIt was a biography of her late husband Bruce.  Don't remember too many details about what I read but what struck me the most was a translated ancient Chinese poem, which according to Linda was one of Bruce' favorite.  [Fact is, Bruce Lee was a Philosophy Major - so it was no surprise that Bruce did collect some material of the sort - poems, that is].  Linda  transcribed it in that biography - and since then I've written it in my personal notes/journals several times over [notes now all lost]. But to this very day I still remember it - straight from memory - at least something like 90% of it - probably with a line or two which I might have forgotten, missing - but the message is pretty much clear.   Here it goes - - -

Dark clouds
Fallen blossoms and pale moon
The hurried flight of birds 
The time for us to part

Much has been said
but we have not come to the end of our feelings

I leave you this poem
Read it when the silence of the world possesses you
or when you are fretted with disquiet

And always remember
That my thoughts have always been of you

Lao Tzu

Am tempted to accompany this post with an appropriate photograph/portrait
- but this time - I won't post an image.  It's a poem - not a caption.

 Happy Valentine's Day to You All !

brosi gonzales

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