Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Teasers

Definitely Lots More Where These Came From

- Just a random [unchronological] number of uncaptioned action picks here -
 that'll be seen in my up and coming posts - - -

As much as I'd like to be at ALL the UAAP games - It is simply impossible.
 [I'll return to the PBA maybe sometime mid-March] Just trying to pace myself now, as always, best I can. Whatever I put out in this blog is but a minute fraction of the files that grow by the day [say from about 5 days a week shooting college sports - as of late].  Kung baga sa Tagalog "Babad sa Laro".  There is simply no easy way to improve one's photography.  Keep on visiting my blog guys. 
[to think I haven't even posted my Talk N text vs Powerade Finals Series {Missed Game #1, Davao, but covered the Jan.23,25,27,29 matches}]
There's just LOTS and LOTS more 2 come.

brosi gonzales

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