Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekend # 2 - Sunday - Part 1

January 15, Sunday
Arena, San Juan

Lady Tigers Take Down [Favored] Lady Eagles in Four Sets

14-25     25-21     25-19     25-23

After the Lady Eagles clobber the Lady Tigers 25-14 in Set #1, Ateneo looks well on its way to repeat a 3-0 sweep of UST - but Coach Mamon's resilient Tigers growl back to take Set #2  [25-21].  Set #3 reaches the 16-pt. mark with Ateneo ahead by a solitary point [16-15] when the unexpected happens.  UST stuns Ateneo, scoring 7 straight points to put the yellow-clad volleybelles up [22-16] before the Loyola-based squad can muster a point to bring it to [22-17].  UST handily wins that pivotal 3rd set.

Enter Set #4 - The Lady Tigers are bristling with confidence while the beleaguered Lady Eagles are tensed up and on the verge of sustaining their second loss.  Considering the beating they gave the Tigers in Set #1 and the 7 straight points UST reeled of in Set #3 -  It all seems so unreal now for the Lady Eagles -  But the fact is, it is painfully real.  Both squads fight tooth and nail in Set #4 but in the end UST prevails.  This is a statement game for the Tigers and one that brings doubt as to Ateneo Lady Volleyball Team's consistency. [Can they really pull through when it comes to the Final Four / Playoffs or the Finals ?? - It's only the start of the 2nd Round - and they get swept after winning a Set #1 convincingly] .

As I stated before -  Expect surprises in the 2nd Round -
Anything can & will happen. 

A few game photos follow:

What the - - - # >/?,($*@ !!!<%

  Set #4
- Moment of Truth -
Cainglet's Spike goes out.
Tigers-25     Eagles-23
Game Over !

Whatta win !
Congratulations -> Lady Tigers !!!

Shout Out To:

Maru B.- 
I hope you like the [8 x10] print I gave you titled "Tiger Claws, Tiger Eyes".

Abigail M.-
Hope you like your [8 x 10] print likewise.

Team Captain Cainglet and Company -
Bawe !!!!

Earlier, the UE Lady Warriors beat the UP Lady Maroons. 

I'll just let the images speak for themselves.

Doesn't look good for the UP Lady Maroons.
This simply isn't their year.

brosi gonzales

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