Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random 105

The Smiles Along The Way

Everytime I go to a sports event/venue my mind's eye is primed and programmed to create good action photos - but modesty aside, It's GREAT Images that I'm after. - And if I'm lucky enough I might even get to create an iconic image. - Course, it's easier said than done  - but dude, What have I got to lose with that kind of mind set ??

Yet, even if I get to craft a good number of great action shots - It all wouldn't be completely satisfying without a sprinkling of behind the scenes / impromptu / stolen photos - usually light hearted images of friends and/or acquaintances, and even strangers.

Here are a few recent ones from 2012 mixed w a few from 2011 :
[low res & randomly arranged]


Japeth & some "taller" PBA fans

Sel / Rafi

SEA Poomsae GOLD Medalists / Marc



Ina / Ma-an / Bada / Tata



Ja / Alex / Chlodia / Anj / Jan

Jenner / Ralph / Andrew

Cassius / Gabe


Will / Alex / Sean / Marcio / Josh

Azkals Fans

Celeb & Daughter / Sel

Gabby / unidentified player / Raffy

Blue Eagle fans

Sel / Jessica

Nonong / Dick

JV / Marcio / Sean

Rick / Misagh / Craig

 Rain / Anna

Paolo and PA [yeah, right]

Frankie / Gely / Yvette / Kimberlee

Unidentified PBA spectator

Kendra / Doug / Chesca

Front -- Gia / Lou / Rick [w trophy] / Paolo
Rear -- Meg / Anna / Arlette / Kiko


Eman / Greg

Anna / Teresa


Letran Knight fans

Kiefer / Kevin
Where's Kirk when ya need him?? 

JV / James

 Maika / Hirotsuji

Danica / Val / Kiefer / Ish

Erika / Rick

Fille / Amy / Gem / Dzi / Bea


Bacon / Kiefer / Danica / Ish

Ateneo Grade School booters

Dicky / Cathy / Angel

Kiko / Gia

The smile is the only one "little" priceless accessory U can wear
 on any occasion, anywhere at anytime - and it goes well with Everything
Any person regardless of experience, culture, religion, 
affiliation or country can appreciate it.

The BEST smiles are actually EFFORTLESS and come from within.

So, always bring a smile wherever you go.
You don't need any bag or pouch
 because you can carry it only in your Heart.

brosi gonzales

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