Friday, January 13, 2012

Blazing Monday

January 9, Monday
Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay

Petron vs Talk n Text
Game #3  Best-of-Seven Semifinal Series
[Series tied at 1 game apiece]

- What Goes Up Must Come Down -
Ranidel de Ocampo [#33] fakes Agustin and Santos.
Ranidel  totals 20 in the game.

Japeth Aguilar elevates.
The Big Man follows with 16.

Alapag opts to pass.
The feisty Texter point guard scores 15.

- The basket - A Hop, Skip and a Jump Away ? -
Jared Dillinger knows he has to deal with Marc Agustin to get his 2 points.

Jared Dillinger decides to take matters into his own hands.
Dillinger contributes  12.

For the Blaze - Santos, Miranda, Ildefonso, Cabagnot and Lutz lead the scoring, contributing 25, 20, 13, 12, 11 points respectively.  Arwind hauls down 16 boards for Petron while Carey takes 10 rebounds for Talk n Text.  In the assists department Alex Cabagnot dishes out 8 for Petron while Jayson Castro has 5 for Talk n Text.

 Larry Fonacier and Joseph Yeo [#18] try to get their hands on the ball.

- It Is Better To Give Than To Receive -
Arwind Santos [#29] hammers Texter Kelly Williams.
[next 4 photos]

In a scramble for a loose ball,, Jayson Castro loses his balance while
Denok Miranda [left] looks on.

 In a rare moment where Alex Cabagnot's hair is untied [while playing], 
Jimmy Alapag [hidden] goes one-on-one and drives against Alex. 
Jimmy is able to convert on this attempt.

On the next dead ball Cabagnot tied his hair.Cabagnot's loose locks does good for imagery, but it's obvious he has a hard time [naiilang] playing when his hair is untied.

Kelly Wiliams gets a free pass - drives.

 Chris Lutz controls the defensive board.

 PBA and Talk n Text fans alike are glad that Peek is back in harness.
[Peek now has bodyguard or two nearby at all times]

Come the end game it's Crunch Time Again.
Petron has the ball in the next possession.

Arwind Santos fakes a jumpshot and dishes to Alex Cabagnot.

- Alex Ablaze -
With time down to 12.9 seconds, Cabagnot takes a three !
[Cabagnot makes it !! - I don't - I miss the moment ] 
The photo is off focus and the ball is not in the image.

We all remember that Petron-TnT game where he drilled a three,  also with barely 12 seconds left to put the Blaze ahead of the Texters - only, in that match, TnT managed a minor miracle to snatch that "won game lost" by Petron.

With 12.9 ticks left, the Texters get a chance to launch a game winner but Larry Fonacier misses his corner three and the Blaze control the rebound to put themselves ahead [2-1] in their Best-of-Seven Series. The Final tally is 
[Petron - 95    TnT - 93].

Game #3 of the Powerade series follows the next day, Tuesday, Jan.10, but I miss that in favor of the Football Friendly between the Internacional de Madrid and the Air Force  [recent UFL Champions].  Photos of that match are in the next post.

 - Archers In The House -
Olan Tampus / Alfonso Gotladera / Almond Vosotros

- Little Big Man -
I specifically request Japeth Aguilar to crouch somewhat in order to
compose this horizontally oriented group shot with some young PBA fans.
Now, how often does that happen ?

brosi gonzales

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