Friday, July 15, 2011

UST's Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie.
Posting a 42.9% field goal clip during regulation and [3  out of 4  ---
75% in overtime !], Jeric Fortuna was hands down the MVP in the UST OT Win over NU last July 14, Thursday.

After the W Chris Camus asked me not to post the block by Mbe on him.
But hey, Chris, my pal, you played a great all around game -- You scored the first 2 or 3 baskets for your team, You had a couple of crucial steals 
[I particularly remember one interception against a careless Emmanuel Mbe sometime during the 4th Quarter], You scored in double figures, and you grabbed 10 boards !

Star Rookie vs Star Rookie.
Kevin vs Bobby.

Cat vs Dog.
Tiger vs Bulldog.

With the clock winding down in OT, Parks took a medium J for the win --
It missed.
Ferrer got the last rebound [he got 11] of the game and it was all but over.

Great Game Jeric !!!

Scoring by Quarters:

                           Qt1         Qt2          Qt3          Qt4          OT
UST                      17          14           13           21          8    =73
NU                       14           19          11           21          7     =72

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