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Volleybelle Wednesday - December 14

December - 14, Wednesday
Arena, San Juan

UST Lady Tigers Blank the UE Lady Warriors
[25-19   25-18   25-19]

- The Few & Far Between -
Lady Warrior Sarina Bulan gets one through
UST veterans Maru Banaticla [#9] and Maica Ortiz [#7].

Ma Leuseht Dawis [#6] of UE makes her move but
the Judy Caballejo-Maika Ortiz phalanx is inpenetrable,
as UST scores a point off a good block.
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I am beginning to notice the steadily improving
Lady Tiger Hirotsuji Midori [#2], as of late.
She hits 5 winners for UST. [Up and coming star?]
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- In Dire Straits -
- Mary Rosale in the UE  huddle -

The UE Lady Warriors simply cannot match
the level of execution by the Lady Tigers.
Maruja [#9] , or "Maru", as she is more fondly called
gets another one over the outstreched arms of Mary Rosale [#6] of UE.

- Thrills and Spills -
- UE Libero Maureen Martinez [#2] in action -
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 Dawis is foiled again, this time by 
Rhea Dimaculangan and Hirotsuji Midori.

 It's as if Maika Ortiz is telling Loren Lantin to come and join the party.

UST Beach Volleybelle Pamela Lastimosa
doesn't seem to feel any pressure at all.

- No Sweat ? -
After Set #2, Lady Tigers [from L-R] Maruja Banaticla, Loren Lantin,
Maica Ortiz, Hirotsuji Midori, and Judy Caballejo know 
that they have the game pretty much in the bag.
UST wins in 3.

- The stats -

DLSU Lady Archers Beat UP Lady Maroons in Straight sets
[25-16   25-17   25-22]

Lady Archer setter Mikaela Esperanza sets up a play.
Esperanza scores 3 points in the match.

Veteran Archer Abigail Marano is just too good
for Fighting Maroon Joyce Palad and the UP Lady Maroon defense.
[4-frame sequence, photo#1 is above]

- Posterized ! -

Lady Archers Mikaela Esperanza and Abigail Marano [2]

try desperately to save a point.

That's why they are called the Fighting Maroons.
These volleybelles from Diliman never give up.
Here, Arylle Magtalas streches,

- But, as of late, they are still searching for answers - 
The UP Lady Maroons are still winless.

- Tit for Tat -
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- DLSU Lady Archer Charleen Cruz [#11] -

- UP Lady Maroon Arylle Magtalas [#6] [on foreground] -

One of the few instances where DLSU Libero Melissa Gohing fails make a save.

You simply cannot afford to mess around with Melissa - 
She has already won 2 UAAP Volleyball Championships.

- A moment of concern ? on this Lady Maroon's face -

- Lady Maroon Southlyn Ramos -
Ramos contributes 6 winners for UP.

It was in the DLS-FEU [which I didn't shoot] match
were Lady Archer Camille Cruz sustained an injury.
Hope she recovers quickly and gets to play again by early January.

-Camille's twin, Cienne -

Abigail Marano [#2]  scores, Ah!-gain.
She totals 14 winners for the Archers.
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It is Archer Charleen Cruz [not in photos] , 
though, who leads ALL scorers with 19 points. 

- This simply doesn't make the grade -
What could have been a very good action photo 
ends up being a "file photo in limbo".
Fact is, I have LOTS of photos [of all sports]  with the ball missing.
Such is the nature of sports photography.
No harm sharing this image , though.

Despite their best efforts, UP's Lady Maroons are no match for the -
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Defending Champion DLSU Lady Archers.
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Twin Archers Camille and Cienne Cruz kindly give me a
few seconds just before they bounce.
Thanks girls.

The stats:

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