Thursday, December 29, 2011

PBA Twinbill Wednesday

PBA Twinbill
December 14 - Wednesday
Araneta Coliseum

[Talk n Text - 81        Barako Bull -79]

I'll let the next few photos speak for themselves:

Miller converts a trey to cut the lead to 2 !
Time down to 28.5 seconds !

As fate would have it -
Tropang Texters turn the ball around, 
giving possession to the resurgent Barako Bulls.
And . . . in the ensuing play

Miller scores a twinner !
It ties the game with 23.4 ticks left !!!

Texters call time . . .

Who do the Texters go to ?
Who else but #17 ---> Jayson Castro.

From the top of the key, Castro takes it to the whole . . .

and converts !! . . .
[Unfortunately, I don't capture the ball in the photo, My Bad]
winning the game for TnT !! - 
whilst knocking the Barako Bulls out of contention.

Whatta Game !!!

Jayson Castro registers 80% 3-pt. shooting [4-5] , 50% 2-pt. shooting [6-12],
and 72.2% free throw shooting [8-11] ! That's about 65% [and upwards] shooting !!  

[more match photos to be added soon]

brosi gonzales

[Powerade - 97          B-Meg - 88]

As expected, B-Meg relies on Yap to lead the Llamados to victory.
[7-frame sequence below]

But Yap's efforts [he scores 21] are not enough. The Powerade Tigers score a higher field goal and free throw percentage.  The Tigers also have 7 steals to the Lamados' 5 and 27 assists to the Llamados' 20.  At the half, Powerade is ahead by 11 [50-39] and at the start of the 4th, still ahead [albeit by only eight - 79-71].  Everyone knows the crowd favorite is B-Meg - statwise too, the advantage is with the Llamados - but Bo Perasol's boy's show a mental toughness that carries them through 48 minutes of tough playoff basketball.  Gotta hand it to the Tigers.  Now, this win sets up a Win-or-go-Home Knockout game between the Tigers and Llamados for the following Sunday, December 18.

 Gary David [in white] drills in 32 big ones.
He shoots a whopping 9-11 [81.8%] from 2-pt. range
and a decent 4-10 [40%] from rainbow country.

Marcio Lassiter adds 24.

Doug Kramer chips in 10 points - but his biggest contribution comes in the rebounding department.  Kramer hauls down 13.  Notice how Doug,
on the left in the photo below, takes care of business 
[after an Urbiztondo miss] and controls the defensive boards.
[9-frame sequence below]

Llamados  P.J. Simon, Marc Pingris, and Kerby Raymundo score 16, 13, and 10 points respectively. Kerby hauls down 9 rebounds while Marc gets 8.

 P.J. Simon [#8] lays it in.

  Kerby Raymundo [#5] streches.

 Marc Pingris [#15] brushes JV Casio aside.

  It begs the question -Who wants it more ?? 
Who is going home after Dec.18 ?

 brosi gonzales

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