Monday, November 21, 2011

UFL Saturday - November 19

November 19
University of Makati

                                        Stallions    vs   Diliman Victory Liner
                                                 2                                  0

Missed the game, sayang,  [had so wanted to see the UP UAAP booters play - know a couple of dudes there]so - no pics to share.  [Auggh !!!]
Nyways, for the Stallions, it was Lee juo Yong  and Vincent Braga who scored.

                                            Global                           Army 
                                                 3                                  0

Came just in time, just a minute or so before the game started, so here are some of my favorite images from the Global win over Army.  Izzu Izzeldin and Janrick Soriano combined for 3 goals for Global.  Fortunately, I was able to capture all 3 goals.


Goal # 1
Izzu Izzeldin - 10th minute

Goal # 2
Janrick Soriano - 53rd minute

Goal # 2

Goal # 3
Janrick Soriano - 69th minute

And two more random images from the match :

brosi gonzales

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