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PCCL Thursday - November 24

November 24, Thursday
Arena, san Juan

San Sebastian Ousts Adamson
                                   SSC - 85                                        AdU - 83

In what could be the last games of Jerick Canada, Janus Lozada, and Jan Colina [as Falcons - unless they still play in the Fr. Martin Cup] Adamson was able to take the Golden Stags into overtime - only to choke in the end.  Maybe they expended too much energy playing catch-up basketball - they literally fashioned an end-game rally, came from behind in the last minute [literally] to strech the match into overtime.

In the last few seconds of regulation time, Roeder Cabrera faked his defender out then launched a right-corner three to tie the match.  With a renewed confidence the Falkcons kept on shooting, during the overtime, from the perimeter, hoping their long toms would eventually seal the deal in their favor.  Unfortunately, their accurate outside shooting all of a sudden disappeared and with San Sebastion controlling the defensive boards, the Falcons again gound themselve behin again, going into the final 2 minutes of the game.  Once more they were in need of another small miracle - this time, there was none. 

The Final score read [85-83] for a close win by the Golden Stags.

- Eric Camson vs Calvin Abueva -
Now, how often does that happen ?

- Ronald Pascual defends Janus Lozada -

- Nang aasar o nangangantsaw ?? -
Abueva faces the Falcon bench after he scores - giving San Sebastian some cushion and Adamson lot of pressure, going into the last few minutes. 

Roeder Cabrera equalizes with a trey from the right corner,
 to send the match into Overtime [74 all].

- A chest bump and high fives -
Nuyles and Cabrera whoop it up after they salvage a won game by Baste.

In overtime, Adamson tries to win it from the perimeter -[Did they rely too much on 3-pointers simply because of Roeder's successful last-few-seconds-trey ?] -they keep on missing, and Baste simply controls the defensive boards, and wins a game that should have won in regulation time.

Baste again relies on their Big Three - Calvin Abueva, Ian Sngalang, and Ronald Pascual during overtime. The three combine for 11 points in the extension period.  Adamson scores 9 points in Overtime..

With another five minute of basketball,
San Sebastian goes to it's first option - Calvin Abueva.

.  .  .  .and the Big Guy delivers.

                               OT    Final    Reb     FG%     FT%
SSC   11  18  27  18   11   =85       69    31/79    18/26
                                                        39%       69%

AdU   16  22  17  19    9    =83       46    28/89     14/22
                                                        312%     63%    

San Sebastian - Pascual-29 / Abueva-24 / Sangalang-18 / de la Cruz-8 /          
                      Antipuesto-2 / Maiquez-2 / Vitug-2

Adamson - Canada-21 / Colina-14 / Cabrera-11 /Camson-8 / Petilos-8
               Lozada-6 / Rios-6 / Manyara-3 / Brondial-2 / Monteclaro-2

- Belat -
That's Calvin Abueva for you.

A "Nuetral Observer" watches the game from a distance.

Knights Dash Tamaraws' Hopes
                                      CSJL - 73                             FEU - 64

Like the Archers before them, the Tamaraws could not stop Mark Cruz.  In the CSJL-DLS match, Cruz, who scored 11 pts, was the second highest scoring Knight, after the two Kevins, Alas and Racal, who both chipped in 14 points each.  This time, Cruz led all scorers from both teams.  Cruz scored 25 markers this time around.  And with the Knights leading rebounder, Raymond Almazan [16 boards] clearly outrebounding the Tamaraws' Russel Escoto [9 boards], and Team Letran
pulling down a total of 50 rebouinds, Letran's win was no surprise.

                                 Final   Reb     FG%      FT%
CSJL - 14   21   13   25  =73      50     24/61    19/22
                                                                        39%      86%

FEU - 20   20   17   7   =64      36     25/70     12/21
                                                   35%       57%

- FEU' Biggest Headache - Mark Cruz  [in purple uniform]-
He leads all scorers with his 25 Markers.
He takes down 2 rebounds, dishes out 4 assists, and steals once.

Kevin Racal vs RR Garcia [in yellow]

- Battle of the Bigs -
Tamaraw Russel Escoto tries to take the ball away from Raymond Almazan.

 -Cris Exciminiano "sizing up" Mark Cruz ? -

Escoto [#15] and Almazan contest the rebound.

- Sundot -
Tamaraw Gryannn Mendoza loses control of the ball to the pesky Letran D.
[7-frame sequence]

Letran's Jonathan Belorio puts [slams] the finishing touches
to a hard earned W.

My friend Ejay, in maroon shirt, poses thumbs up with some of the Letran faithful.
Not to worry Ejay- I'll post the names of your Letranite friends.
[soon as I find that note]
Good Times Guys !!

Letran - Cruz-25 /  Almazan-14 / Belorio-8 / Espiritu-8 / Racal-5 /
           Lituania-5 / Pantin-4 / Cortes-4

FEU - Romeo-17 / Tolomia-11 / Cruz-9 / Escoto-8 / Garcia-8 / Exciminiano-5 /
        Knuttel-32 / Foronda-2 / Bringas-2

brosi gonzales

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