Sunday, November 13, 2011

For You Ateneo Lady Eagles Volleyball Team Fans

Letting Dzi Use My 7D

It's been over two weeks since my brief stay in Roxas City where I got to shoot a couple of Uni Games Basketball, Football, Track & Field, and Volleyball matches.

And of course, when it come to ladies volleyball, it's no secret --> I root [I go out of my way and make sure I have lots of photos of the girls] for the Ateneo Lady Eagles and wether it's in the UAAP or V-League, I always watch out for the next Ateneo Lady Eagles match.

Besides getting to shoot all their matches in Roxas, I was able to take souvinier pics of the girls at Baliwag [during one of their dinners] and at the Capiz Gymnasium when they watched and supported their 4-peat Champion Blue Eagle Basketball Team.  

What I did new this time, though, was hand over my Canon 7D to Dzi Gervacio, in the middle of their dinner [trip lang].  I simply told her which buttons to press and just left her alone to shoot stills or videos with the Canon - while I proceeded to eat my dinner [I was on the same table with Coach Roger Gorayeb and Tupas and Rick Olivares, while the girls where gathered around two separate tables].

It is just a short simple video showing Fille, Alyssa, Bea, Ella etc. having their dinner and smiling.  And like I said, it's just a simple remembrance - and I simply want to share it.

[problem is the short video can't seem to load - it always reads "error" - I've been trying for the Nth time !!! - no go - Even in trying to delete the video icon -- nothing's happening ? # *] What the ??  I guess we'll have to settle for my souvinier stills instead. [at least i tried]

Moving on Then ---

The two photos below - I like them for their spontaniety and clutter.

I actually make it a point NEVER to photograph people when they are eating, 
[particularly, if they have something in their mouth] but this time I simply had to break that policy of mine because the "moment" was there and I just had to capture it.  No harm done. Actually, I find Den Den's [in spectacles] gesture and [is that tongue-in-cheek or food-in-cheek] facial expresssion cute.

The next four images were taken as the girls were about to leave.
[I obviously cropped out the empty glasses, empty plates, and water bottles.]

The next twenty one JPEGs were all taken during one of the Ateneo basketball games the girls came to watch [at the Capiz Gymnasium]. The basketball team actually watched and cheered on the girls the during the previous evening's volley match at the Filamer Gym.

- - - Good Times ! - - -

brosi gonzales

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