Thursday, October 6, 2011

Urban Landscape - Lee Pipes

The Lee Pipes Ad

A good five minutes away from where I stay [South Bay Gardens] in the Sucat area is the American Apparel main office [located on the West Service Road] in Metro Manila.  This outfit produces Jag, Von Dutch, and Lee Jeans products, among others.  Within the premises of AA is a huge "billboard structure", for lack of a better description [actually nowadays billboards are obsolete, huge tarpaulins, or large format ads are the norm].

Taken with a wide angle lens.

On this structure, AA paces their ads, changing their tarps occasionally [every couple of weeks] to showcase the different brands they produce.  My favorite AA tarp was the Lee Pipes ad, which was displayed several months ago. I simply found it so hot, meaning so cool - that I had to photograph it using a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens.  Used the JPEG as a wallpaper for a while.  At present, there is a JAG ad on display, but it can't compare with the impact this Lee Pipes image had on me.

Taken with a telephoto lens.

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