Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mary FOUR You

October 1, Saturday
Araneta Coliseum

Faces From A Four Peat
[in random order]

All Out,  All Heart  ! ! ! !
Tonito Gonzaga

--- On Wings of Gold ---
Kiefer Ravena

--- Eyes Wide Shut !!! ---
Ompong Sumalinog and JP Erram

--- Ear to Ear ---
Enrico Villanueva

--- Ear to Ear ---
A Blue Blooded Fan

 --- Chubbier and Happier ---
A returning little fan, from last year's UAAP Season 73 Basketball Wars.

Guys, I want your names in the captions, OK?

Same with you guys
I handed you my calling card, didn't I ?

Happily gracing the Big Dome for the last time this Season 74,
the Ateneo Cheerleaders stand poised and proud.

--- Guidon Guys and Gals ---
X'mas in October
My kindo' shot ---> w/ a Whole Lotta Soul !!!!

--- Four Witnesses to a Three Peat AND a Four Peat ---
Nikka Cheng, Isabela Medina, Gabie Medina, and Danie Medina -
all watched last year's Finals Sweep too.

My friend Bookie Soliven, with his eldest, Luigi,
and, [isn't that one of your twin daughters, Bookie] ?
What's her name ?

--- Phenom Fans ---

--- Not Weird - Gifted ---

--- The Salvas and Medinas ---
In The Moment

--- All Smiles ---

--- Huling Hirit ---
In the last second just before before I entered the dugouts, I looked up
and shot these True Blue Fans savoring the Championship.
Go Girls !!!

--- All Wet ---
Coach Black was still in the Press Room being interviewed -
everybody was already soaked in the Ateneo dugout.

. . .   Earlier That Same Day   . . .

Virgilio Torres, Arnel de Guzman, Manuel Oledania,
Vivas Artemio, and Petz Seranto  -
Gateway basement parking attendants that make life better
for us car owners visiting the Araneta Center.
[Was just trigger happy, I guess]

Lois Cagnayo, Nelianne Marie Galera, Nicole Ramirez, Allen Ramos,
Kris Nagamos, Charleen Duque, and Trent Lemor Espinoda -
all FERN students came to support their Morayta based fellow Tamaraws.
Love your Spirit guys !!!

Gabriel Lizada, Mon Cualoping, Migs Lizada, and Tony del Prado -
all expecting another Sweet Finals Sweep.

The Phenom prepares.

Salva and Gonzaga pause during the shoot around -
not cocky or anything, but poised, confident, and ready.

Exit Austria, Enter Ravena -
Blue Eagles about to take separate paths.

Wether he would play or not, JR Cawaling suited up
as a Tamaraw for the last time.
I felt sad that he had to exit the UAAP seated on the bench.

With a ringside seat to history, Timmy Sto. Tomas,
 a former UAAP Volleyball player, waits, wearing shades of blue.

Tata Garcia - Anticipating, Praying to the Almighty ? ?
For a bemedalled UAAP exit [ hopefully w/ 4 golds]
for Kirk, perhaps ? and Team Ateneo.

 I showed her this image on my LCD seconds after this was taken, and I know she did find this unflattering - but I also stated that sometimes one has to sacrifice the "perfect angle", if only to capture
a priceless moment [that probably won't be repeated].

--- Young Katipuneros ---
Ready to shout their tonsils out.

--- Four Fights for a Four Peat ---
Meg mendoza, Carlos Mendoza, Adia Mendoza, and Leah Halili -
all so excited they could taste the Championship.

--- Feeling IT In "Monochromatic Color" ---
Jaz, Trisa, Miky, and Andi - or -
Reyes, Carlos, Mirabueno, and Recto

From way down behind the South Goal, all the way up to Upper B,
one could feel the excitement in the air.
And that electricity had a shade of Blue.

--- A Tamaraw Fan ---

--- Eric Salamat In The House ---

--- The "Unfinished Business" Look ---
Coach Jamike and Coach Norman take their seats.

--- Time to Rock and Roll ---

This defensive move by Kiefer

earned Ravena a foul -

to the uproar of the Ateneo gallery.

Tiongson, again, weaved his magic.
What more could have Black asked for ?

Not only did Quami score,
he made JP Erram look good -

dishing off an assist to the sophomore big man.

Gonzaga's three couldn't have come at a better time.
This one sent the Ateneo Faithful into a screaming frenzy.

Gonzaga and Chua  -  Chest Bump !!!
Tang Ina !!!  Mag fofour peat na talaga [sabi ko sa sarili ko].
At this point - I was already screaming my lungs out -
 in between takes.

Then came a Monfort three

and a gutsy twinner that stupefied the Tamaraw Faithful.

Slaughter joining the party.

At this point, the Championship was practically in the bag.
History was about to be made.

The  Blue Eagles had simply executed better.
Quami Tiongson, after having done his magic when it was needed the most, on a Game 2, at that, as if waving his invisible wand for the final spell,
puts the finishing touches.

The Party Begins . . . .

NOW !!!!

--- Taking the Silver with Pride and Dignity and Heads Held High ---
The FEU Tamaraws

--- Season 74 UAAP Men's Basketball Champions ---
The Ateneo Blue Eagles

--- The Eagle Has Landed ---
With Four Golds.

Fr. Nebres poses with four fingers.
[Oops! - Clutter in the background.  Yup, there's a guy behind him
pointing a fifth finger - Well, Stuff happens]

Some JESU Pictures . . .

When Eman said
"Greg is like a little brother to me . . ."
It brought the house down !!!

He also told MVP, that in case he is needed, that he's just a phone call away.

The man who spoke the least had said the most.
And made us all laugh.

Eman's proud father.

The Blue Eagles' proud and jubilant coach.

Ateneo's equally jubilant and proud patron.

When everybody sang [Acapella] the Alma Mater Song for the second,
 and final time -
That rendition really HIT HOME for me.

I did get senti, and after the last note I approached Philip Sison
and just gave him my highest five and my most heartfelt hug,
that unforgettable Saturday.

. . . And Home is where the UAAP Basketball Championship Trophy is.

--- Between The Earth And Sky ---

brosi gonzales

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