Monday, September 26, 2011

Hand Painted Stuff

I Love Doing It By Hand

Arriving home after Ateneo beat UST to take the first Finals Slot, I couldn't help it,  I just had to look at my UAAP Season 73 photo archive, reminisce a bit, then bring out the T-shirts and two pairs of shoes which I tediously  hand-painted {I actually worked on four T-shirts, but the other three didn't turn out well [pangit] }, last year.  Course, I still have my Season 73 UAAP ID.  Considered wearing the Tee and a pair from the two for the Sept.24 game but eventually didn't.

This Season 74, I've been just too busy to give time for hand painting.  Mind you, I'd do some air-brushing too [but not on T-shirts - 'twould be on military scale models], if I had even MORE time.  Now, since this post is titled "Hand Painted Stuff" I decided to repost some favorite images of scanned analogue prints, which were products of tedious application of pigments [paint] with brushes, toothpicks and cotton and custom printing, from my "colorful" past.

Here's hoping that you, the viewer, can appreciate the "art of it all".

--- Souviniers from last year's Season 73 UAAP Basketball Finals ---
 Wore the T-shirt and left pair during Game 1.
Wore the right pair during Game 2 and at the Thanksgiving Mass at JESU.
[A photo of the pair on the left appeared on a newspaper
 and was posted on a blog]

[test photo]
Raw material: Simple white T-shirt,
simple white loafers [all bought at Farmers, Cubao]
textile paint and permanent markers.

This photo can be seen in an earlier posting titled
"The One"
Raw material: 35mm Kodak Black & White FILM

This is the first time I've released this photo of Cookie Chua.
Raw material: 35mm Kodak Black & White FILM.

This photo is featured in one of my older posts titled
"Los Banos in Five"
Raw Material: 35mm Kodak Black & White FILM

--- Perf de Castro  [original River Maya] ---
This photo is displayed in my SECOND post in this blog.
Raw material: 35mm Kodak Black & White FILM

If you're wondering what technique I used to create the three colored "Rock" photos whilst using Black & White FILM, check the posts out
by pressing the "older posts" feature on the lower right.
There's some technical info there.
FYI - I started this blog last June 13.

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