Monday, September 19, 2011

Falcons Falter

September 18, Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

Tamaraws Knock Out the Fighting Falcons

When the going got tough, Tolomia got going.

Grizzled players like Garcia, Romeo, and Ramos were expected to carry the load for the Tams, but the 2011 Tams have younglood to complement the
Big Three.  Escoto used his height and Tolomia used his speed to make life extremely miserable for the Falcons.

Romeo has been playing more intelligently in FEU's recent matches
and been tougher to defend.

This is Ramos' last chance to win a Champioship.
This is his last playing year.

With the rookies contributing mightily,  RR didn't have to rake in big numbers for FEU to win.  This here Tams still have that end game kick.
Ateneo better be prepared.  

A lot of Tamaraw detractors were silenced over the past week after
 the their 2 straight wins over the Fierce, Fearless Falcons.

Canada and Alvarez had played their last UAAP game,
and were so close to getting into their first ever Championship Series
['twas Alvarez birthday too]  but fate denied Lester his birthday wish.

About an hour or so after the end of the game [when the Coliseum was practically empty except for some media people working in the press room, and some maintenance crews still packing up] Leo Austria and his boys slowly trickled out from the dugout.  They accommodated a few interviews.  I greeted some of those who I managed to catch -- Etrone and Colina.
  Luckily, I caught Lester just as he was leaving, shook his hand and said -
"Pare saan kayo tsitsibog ?"  He replied  "Wala, sa bahay lang ako."

Alex and Coy., come up empty handed again.
Everybody and everybody in the Press Room felt vary bad for the Falcons,
yours truly included.   Tough, VERY, VERY Tough.

Undermanned, with the absence of JR Cawaling
[w/ towel beside Jens Knuttel and James Fernandez] - - -

and Pippo Noundou [raising his arms], the Tamaraws
taught the supremely confident Falcons a thing or two
about playoff basketball.

Need I Say More ?

brosi gonzales

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