Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

A Few Favorite Random
Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Yup, besides that being the title of one of my all-time favorite rock tunes, it's also what I try to do [that's impossible of course] when it comes to to photographing all the UAAP Season 74 games.  There's the Mens, Womens, and Juniors Basketball matches, there's Badminton, Beach Volley, Track & Field [Men's & Women's], Softball [Women's], Baseball [Men's], not to mention Volleyball and Football [Men's & Women's too], Swimming and Judo.  Men's basketball is my priority with Women's Basketball and Beach Volley and Shakey's V-League as my next in line at this time of the year.  And to think action photos are not enough for me -- gotta have those behind-the-scenes off-court photos to make my "photographic sports experience" complete.

Is it a blogger's mortal sin ??  but fact is -- I haven't released anything on the 2nd Round of the Men's Basketball up to now-->since my Cam Sur posting.  I missed the first four matches of the 2nd Round --including that dramatic overtime win by Ateneo over FEU on Aug.13, being in Cam Sur on that weekend.  Will post all my game blogs from Aug. 18 up to the present in one marathon release this week [albeit late] but just gotta post a few Random Behind-the-Scenes Snaps from Sept. 4 [and afew days back].  I can't help it not showing at least some ASAP - It's just fun taking those BTS snaps, and I don't want U guys, too, to miss a thing.

On their Sept. 4  2nd Round encounter,
the Maroons completely dominated the Archers in the 1st quarter,
 limiting the Taft boys to only 7 points whilst scoring 23
 - - -

Just couldn't help but admire the Spirit of this Archer Fan, a writer/photgrapher.
When the chips were down, she led by example, showed her colors and
bared her soul for her Green Archers -- the hell with the UP lead !!
Go La Salle !!

I even quipped to a media collegue [and DLS grad, Edwin], whilst the Maroons were totally outplaying the Archers, that this game would go down the wire. and he replied "Wala na yon . . " 

As I expected, the equally proud Archers never said die and even when the half ended with UP on top 35-23 they believed that it was just
a matter of patience and execution.
- - -

When the 3rd quarter ended they were just a basket behind UP [48-50].
- - -

Going into the 4th, the shoe was on the other foot and the Archers simply outplayed the Diliman boys, leading by as much as 7-9 points - - -
but the Fighting Maroons managed to stay dangerously close
entering the last 2 minutes.

In the dying seconds, the Maroons had chance to force an overtime,
being behind only by 3 [70-73] - - but Mike Gamboa choked
and missed his three to give DLSU it's first win
 of the 2nd Round after 5 matches [72-73],
thus keeping their Final Four hopes alive.

Those Normally Insane Fans [just the way I like it] above
are DLSU grad Erica Alcantara and UP grad Ronin Bautista.

- - - any volunteers for the upcoming UAAP matches ??

Alyssa Valdez, wearing her beach volley tan, and her team mate Bea Tan
ham it up after their win over Adamson.  The Ateneo Girls Beach Volley Team 
now leads the standings with three straight victories and no loses.

Coach Parley Tupaz, Alyssa Valdez, Bea Tan, Fille Cainglet,
Sherwin Malonzo, Gretchen Ho, Ella de Jesus pose behind
 JP Pareja, Synjin Reyes and Shara So.

After the ADM-AdU match came the DLS-UP one which the Lady Archers won.
After a brief post game chat with Michelle Gumabao,
 Coach Saet, Abigail Marano, and Camille Cruz, 
 I found out the sad news that Joanne Sy had to leave the
UAAP Defending Champion DLSU Voleyball Team due to back problems.

- Basketball Dad -
Randy Javier, UE Warrior Chris Javier's dad, shares a light moment
 with UST's UAAP Board Representative.

- Basketball Mom -
Of course, the Phenom's proud mom, Mozzy, [right] with a friend,
can't help but be all smiles these days [the way Kiefer has been playing].

- Basketball Daughter -
Coach Altamirano's Abigail seems quite at home
at the Araneta Coliseum.

- Basketball Neice -
UST Tiger Melo Afuang's neice witnessed her Tito Melo
help UST defeat DLSU in the 2nd Round.

- Future Teng,  Past Teng, and Mrs. Teng -
[During the UST 2nd Round game vs DLS]

- Present Teng -
[This time The Tigers beat The Archers]

- Hair Color - Natural -
Tina Marasigan - UST

- Hair Color - Unnatural -
Kirk Long - Ateneo

- Hair Color - The Hell With It -
I like the Tiger Touch

One Big Fan

Another Big Fan

A Small Fan

A Smaller Fan

An Even Smaller Fan

- Definitely Not Well -
Yutien Andrada's contributions to the Green Archers are already
being sorely missed, now that the UAAP is entering the homestrech.

- Not Well Enough -
Another cager whose absence will be crucial for his team, UST, -
Melo Afuang just had his gallstones removed and simply cannot make it
back in time to help the Tigers in the crucial matches to follow.

- Hoping To Be Well Enough To Play -
Yesterday, JR told me that he'll be ready to play come their last elimination match.
We all know it's just gonna get A LOT tougher come the playoffs..
Thing is -- Will Cawaling be at 100% come game time ?

- Well Enough - But Not To Play -
My Pal Pippo, I feel for you dude, must be tough
 having to sit it out the whole of UAAP Season 74.
Anyway, see you at the playoffs bro ! 

Well - - - Unfortunately, we won't see her at the playoffs.
- Sigh -

The look that launched a thousand shots in my DSLR.
- Ina -

I've always loved portraits wether they be
contrived or spontaneous, posed or stolen.
This one is of Nico Salva on the ADM bench.


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  1. Can you give me the name of the girl in the picture where you said "Unfortunately, we won't see her at the playoffs." Who is she? Hennie Fortuin?