Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warriors Woes Continue

July 31, Sunday

After two straight losses at the start of the Season,  the Green Archers have rebounded strong and have since chalked up three straight wins [against U.P., N.U., and U.E., last Sunday].  On the other hand Gerry Codinera and Company, have lost ALL their five matches [the 5th loss was vs DLS] [87-63].

Besides Paul Zamar, John Noble, and Lucas Tagarda  -- the Red Warriors simply don't have any grizzled players.  If my memory serves me right, U.E. has yet to reach the 40s, when it comes to field goal shooting.  Ateneo, FEU, Adamson, DLSU all average close to or above 40% field goal shooting.

 Warrior Joseph Montelibano down after a thwarted U.E offensive set.
The wind was just temporarily knocked out of him, and he managed to walk himself of the court minutes later.

 DLSU's Andrada , #20, now on his third year, blocks this medium jumper by John Noble.  Yutien scored only 3 points but got 7 rebounds and dished out 2 assists.  Noble contributed 10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal,
and 3 blocks.

Twistin' and turnin' Von Chavez challenges Norbert Torres' defense.
This brave warrior converted on this one.

 Few and far between. [First half action]
Adrian Santos' quickness earns him two as Andrada looks helplessly.

DLSU exploded with 32 points in the 2nd Quarter while UE manged only 13.  UE simply could not counter the Archers' speed and teamwork.  From then on it was a won game for de La Salle.

Zamar's veteranship alone couldn't carry the Warriors over the Archers.
That afternoon, he missed all his 3-pt. shots and had a low 22% 2-pt. field goal clip.  Even if he were perfect, with the lack of able support from his team mates, 'twould be difficult for UE to make headway.

Great timing by LA Revilla earns him a block over Zamar.
LA had 2 blocks, 10 points -- and a perfect 50% clip from 2-pt. land, 3-pt. land, and the charity lane.

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