Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NU's Fifth Loss

Aug.6, Saturday
Game Decided on the Foul Line

Mbe had decent numbers after two quarters -- 
10 points, 4 rebounds, and two blocks

One can never too sure even if you're against an erstwhile cellar dweller
like the Warriors - who had everything to gain - maybe it was just a matter of time before they would finally be able to stay consistent for four quarters.
Jerry Codinera's boys registered a 54.8% field goal clip in the first half,
 better than NU's 46.9%.  The Warriors finished the game with a 44%
field goal clip while the Bulldogs finished with 41%.

Every year fresh talent/rising stars emerge among the 8 UAAP teams. 
Shej Sumang from UE belongs in that category. 
In this sequence, Shej comes out of nowhere to convert on this putback,
catching the Bulldogs by surprise.

Mbe wins this battle for possession over a pesky Lucas Tagarda.

Along with Zamar, Sumang, and  Enguio, John Noble made double figures -
in the first half alone.  The first half ended at 41 all and the third quarter ended with a deadlock too, this was at 54 all.

The NU community has very high hopes for this years team, what with the entry of  Bobby Parks Jr. to complement sophomore Emmanuel Mbe and 
veterans Joseph "Jolas" Terso, Ajeet Singh, and Glenn Khubontin and youngblood in the likes of Lee Villamor, Jul-Ashri Ignacio, 
and Cederick Labing-Isa.

School spirit manifests itself in many forms. 
The female form is my favorite.

With only a few seconds left in the game and down by only 1 [72-71], 
 NU went to its First Option - Bobby Ray.
Parks handily succeeded in fishing for a foul to put himself on the line
 for the winning 2 points.
Then the Unexpected happened.

The Big Boss was watching.

Missing one free throw and making the other 
would have at least forged an overtime  - - -

But when Parks missed the second foul shot too,
NU fans' jaws all seemed to drop in shock
-- as the UE gallery erupted in one collective euphoric victory yell.

Another won game lost, this time, by the higher seeded Bulldogs.

Finally, a WIN by the Warriors !!

brosi gonzales

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