Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guess Who Visited the Adamson Dugout ?

Aug.6, Saturday
After the Adu-DLS Game

I've actually been to the Adamson Falcons' dugout three times, after the wins over FEU, UST, and NU.  In the first two opportunities I never got to produce a single "blogworthy photo", meaning - a technically AND artistically competent image [by my standards] that will be interesting enough to share on-line

After the exciting win over La Salle last Thursday afternoon, Aug. 4, everybody in the Adamson dugout was just exhausted and went about their business unwinding whilst waiting for Coach Austria [who was still being interviewed at the press room].  The euphoria was very subdued  [The Falcons still had 8 tough matches -- UP on Aug.11 and ALL the other 7 UAAP teams again on the 2nd Round -- [and the 1st Round already had it's share of upsets].

As for me, I was just in one corner just patiently waiting for Coach Austria too and quietly detaching my Canon telephoto lens.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this frail old man in a purple sports shirt [everybody in that room as wearing blue, dark blue or white] slip into view.  Lo and behold -- 
Mr. Lauro Vizconde came to say a few congratulatory words to the team --  then, in a span of 5-10 seconds or so -  he was gone.

This time, I was literally caught unprepared, fumbled to grab my Nikon which had my Manual Focus wide-angle lens attached, and just snapped right away.  Photos were terribly out of focus -- tough luck.

Anyways, why I never made an effort to follow Mr. Vizconde out to maybe take some more snaps  --  I don't know. [Would he have been OK with that ??]
Guess I'll never know.

[Funny thing -  I'm fast enough to capture micro-second sports action in focus but couldn't capture a good pic of an old man who nonchalantly walks in and out of a room] 

Fact is,  I did see Hubert Webb last summer watch a DLSU match at the Arena in San Juan. If, by some chance he did watch that Adamson-La Salle match AND did visit the DLS dugout AND did cross paths with Mr. Vizconde at the common area  --  THAT would have been "INTERESTING".

Just a thought.

brosi gonzales 

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