Monday, August 22, 2011

Beyond Sports

My Roots

Most of the people I get to meet these days brand me as a  sports photojournalist, rightfully so, because I am that.  But way before [as in more than a DECADE ago] I did sports, I had been doing portraits and lifetstyle phtography in film [and that was even after I had a not so successful career in architecture].  Suffice it to say, I still love portraiture, partcularly using available light, and still do it, with even more passion than what I felt when I started.  Did some fashion, food photography, for several publications before - Learned manual darkroom technique and studio lighting while working for a reputable photo studio too.  Did some weddings [bad experience there] -- even also news photography for a daily for exactly 45 days [swear I'll never do that again - it's just too risky for my comfort]. 

Being lucky enough to have experienced "traditional" or "REAL" photography - I have now, the benefit of having the best of both worlds.  Low tech, done it -- high tech, love it.  The conveniences technology gives is just great,  but the challenge of analogue photography is just something one can never get these days.

"Reading light", understanding it's nuances, how it behaves and affects the subject  -- is something like sensing the subtleties of sound, or notes [if I might call it that], the way musician "hears" it  AND Learning to "see in black and white" in all it's tones, ALL without the aid of an LCD screen or computer
 --> That is the core of my experience with film.

And I know to this very day, it still helps me "create accurate images in my mind" long before I press my digital SLR shutter.

The following 4 JPEG images are from scanned analogue prints [the prints coming from Black & White and/or Color Negative Film].  One can check them out in my previous posts [w/a little info on the techniques used]  [I started this blog only last June 13].  Got lots more coming [film images, that is] - just gotta blend them in with my current sports entries at.

The material used to create this "Rock Photo"
was BLACK & WHITE Negative film !!
[Check the posting, It is entry #2 in this blog]


One of these four analogue prints won a Canon Asia Competition Honorable Mention years ago.  A year after that award I was a finalist in the same Canon Asia Photo Competiton but got disqualified in the last minute because I failed to submit via mail my FILM NEGATIVE in time.  I actually lost that 35mm film strip with the image  [a portrait].  I'll release it in a future posting - no hurry.
[At least I still have an 8 X 10 analogue print of both photos].

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