Monday, December 19, 2011

December 8 - Thursday

PBA Twinbill
December 8, Thursday
Araneta Coliseum

[B-Meg - 86     Shopinas - 74]

Leading scorer for B-Meg - Joe De Vance - 18 points

 Here, De Vance is being defended by JR Sena, the leading scorer for Shopinas.
Sena contributes 20.

Elmer Espiritu [in aqua] chips in 16 for his team.
Along with Sena, Elmer takes turns in trying to contain De Vance.

 Former Tamaraw vs former Knight 
Mark "Andy" Barroca tries to get past RJ 'So Cool" Azul.

 The Clickers almost lose the ball to the Llamados in this play.

Roger Yap tries to steal from Jojo Duncil.

Ren Ren Ritualo defends P.J. Simon.

 Roger Yap is blindsided by Ritualo.

 Panis !

P.J., Simon, momentarily free, takes it.

brosi gonzales

[Ginebra - 88     Barako Bull - 83]

Pure Hustle
Mike Cortez finds a way to save the ball.

Mike Cortez drills in 5 of his 8 rainbow attempts for a 62% clip.

Ka-boom ! 
It is no surprise that Mike Cortez is one of the leaders 
in the 3-point shooting department.

Willie Miller, again, leading Barako Bull in scoring, drills in 18.
He hauls down 9 boards too. 

Danny Seigle slams 2 of the 8 points he puts in for Barako Bull.

It is in the rebounding department where the Gin Kings 
beat the Barako Bull by a wide margin [58 against 39].
Willie Wilson controls 11 to lead all rebounders.

brosi gonzales

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